WI Paranormal Groups

 Wisconsin Paranormal Groups
If you are a Wisconsin paranormal investigator, or belong to a paranormal investigation team, and would like to have a listing here, please submit information/website address. Information about upcoming investigations and events is welcomed. (Click on names to connect with these websites.)

WI Society For Paranormal Research                      Green Bay
Badger State Paranormal                                         Harford
Capitol View Paranormal Investigators                    Madison
Chippewa Valley Paranormal Investigators             Chippewa Falls
Discovering The Unknown                                        Waukesha
E. Central WI Paranormal Investigations                  Manitowoc
Eau Claire Paranormal Research Society                 Eau Claire
Fort Atkinson, Wi Paranormal Society                      Fort Atkinson
Fox Cities Paranormal Team                                    Oshkosh
Fox Valley Ghost Hunters                                         New London
Fox Valley Paranormal Society                                Appleton
Fox Valley Spirit Hunters                                          Oshkosh
Great Lakes Area Spirit Society                                Sheboygan
Greater Milwaukee Para. Research Group               Milwaukee
Greenfield Paranormal Investigative Team              Greenfield
Mad City Paranormal Investigations                         Madison
Midwest Preternatural Research                               Sheboygan
Northeast Wisconsin Paranormal Investigations       Appleton
Owen-Withee Paranormal Research Society            Owen
Paranormal Investigation & Research Society          West Bend
Paranormal Investigators Of Kenosha, WI                 Kenosha
Paranormal Investigators Of Milwaukee                    Milwaukee
River Cities Paranormal Society                                Wisconsin Rapids
S.O.S. Investigated                                                    Green Bay
Shadows Of Light                                                      Green Bay
SE WI Paranormal Investigation Team                      Racine                   
Southern WI Paranormal Research Group                 Janesville   
The Paranormal Hour                                                 Kaukauna
Tri County Paranormal Group                                    Wausau
Voices Through The Static  Paranormal                    Janesville   
Wausau Paranormal Research Society                      Wausau
Wisconsin Area Ghost Investigators Society               Mosinee
Wisconsin-Iowa Paranormal Society                          Prairie Du Chien
Wisps                                                                          Wisconsin Dells

The following investigators don't have websites, but you can learn more about them and find contact 
information via the  Online Paranormal Directory
Ghost Scene Investigators                                          Lake Geneva 
Ghosthunters Of Appleton                                          Appleton
Got Ghost?                                                                 Milwaukee
Oshkosh Para.Investigation Division                          Oshkosh
Paranormal Institute Of WI                                         Racine
Rice Lake Paranormal                                                Rice Lake
S.P.O.O.K Paranormal                                                Kenosha
Tri-County Paranormal Investigators                          Pulaski
Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators                          Twin Lakes
Wisconsin Paranormal Research Team                     Menomonie

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  1. I would like to get involved in a team. Since about the age of 10, i have these feelings and can feel weird stuff, like ghost and i think they know i can sense them, any who i have had something with me at first i thought is was the homes i lived it and maybe it is, but im like a magnet, i don't know how to stop it, sometimes i try real hard to ignore it, but it doesn't always work. later i met a friend she sees things and she too can feel presents and we both like if we can't make it stop maybe we can help. it is hard for me to explain I don't see them with my eyes they put pictures in my head.. For years in my home it did let me see shadows and we hear laughter and if your home alone who ever it will call your name, what ever it is my dog see's it and watches it and will bark at it, i have had dreams where a women tries to wake me in my sleep when i wake it is always my dog waking me, i know it sounds crazy but I have stories i can right a book, what to do any advise?


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